ECORECOVERY SA is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment and to protecting the life and good health of its employees, suppliers, subcontractors and all visitors to its premises.

In this context, ECORECOVERY SA implements a Health and Safety at Work Management System, in accordance with ISO 45001:2018 standards, and has recorded and implemented the appropriate documented working procedures and instructions for its activities and facilities.

ECORECOVERY SA also recognises that the elimination of accidents and incidents of occupational diseases, particularly in its production units, promotes on-going, sustainable, productive employment and decent work, while contributing effectively to strengthening its competitiveness.

ECORECOVERY SA's Health and Safety at Work Policy focuses on the following principles:

  • Full compliance with all relevant and applicable Greek and European laws, regulations, contractual and other requirements, as well as with standards, directives and best practices.
  • Providing all necessary resources to protect the health and safety of its employees and third parties.
  • Creation, maintenance and monitoring of a safe, comfortable working environment, in accordance with the requirements and best practices regarding health and safety at work, taking into account the specificities of the Company's activities.
  • Detailed and regularly updated risk assessment in order to identify and eliminate or effectively minimise any risk and potential risk to the working environment.
  • Prevention of work-related incidents, injuries or accidents and ill health.
  • Participation and involvement of staff in the decision-making process for the Health and Safety At Work Management System.
  • Continuous and intensive training of staff and third parties on health and safety issues.
  • Continuous measurement and evaluation of its health and safety performance, based on appropriate indicators and objectives.
  • Continuous improvement of the Health and Safety at Work Management System to improve its performance in the respective sectors


The Company's strategy to reduce the risk of injury or ill health is based on the prevention of potentially dangerous situations, the detection and immediate elimination of dangerous situations, whenever these may arise and the preventive and periodic risk assessment.

ECORECOVERY SA is committed to:

  • The notification of this policy to its employees, subcontractors and related third parties working under the control of the Company, as well as to any other interested party for information on health and safety obligations and procedures.
  • The continuous improvement of working conditions.
  • The provision of regular and appropriate training to its staff.
  • Full implementation of all the working procedures and instructions that make up the Health and Safety at Work Management System.
  • The revision and updating of this policy and related documentation in order to remain valid and appropriate, with respect to the needs and activities of the Company and fully harmonized with current legislation.